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How to Order


Please email us at with your product inquiries

and we will send you an invoice. At this time all orders are processed through Square.

By requesting an invoice, buyer agrees to the following:

Buyer acknowledges that final production of items may differ slightly from prototype photos. That includes variations in costume, hair, paint, etc. We try our best to match the final outcome to the product pictured on this site. Buyer acknowledges that once items are completed, they have 30 days to pay the final invoice before their items are redistributed. It will be up to the buyer to reschedule a new order at the artist discretion. First downpayment is nonrefundable.

Since we are a small group of artists dealing with many clients all around the world- time, materials, and communication is important to us. Because of this, the above rules are non-negotiable. Thank you. We look forward to doing business with you!

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